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Hannelore handbinds every book. Her premier method, called Coptic binding,
is a centuries-old technique. The intricate hand-stitching not only has
a distinctively elegant style but it allows for the book to lay flat when open,
making it perfect for creating. The durable Irish linen thread
is ready to stand up to constant use.

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"More than just a creative kindred spirit [Hannelore] is an insightful artisan with ALL THE HEART and scads of substance. While her handbound books speak volumes (yes… shameless pun) to her technical skill, each carefully conceived piece is also a beautiful testament to Hannelore's passion for her craft."

Jen S.

Something for Everyone

So many cover options!


New journals created from old books

Japanese Silk-screened paper

Exquisite hand-silk-screened paper from Japan. This ancient artform produces a breathtaking paper called chiyogami.


Vibrant fabric, complemented by classic book cloth  


Rich leather books featuring an Italian Long Stitch binding