Dapper Foxes - Pocket sized

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These pocket-sized blank books are covered in soft grey fabric covered in the most dapper foxes you could care to meet and complemented with a panel of durable book cloth. Each book is hand stitched with a heavy Irish linen thread. The elegant hand-stitching technique, called Coptic binding, allows the books to lay flat when open--a perfect feature for creating and a friend of lefties of all talents.

Smooth, heavyweight (70lb) text paper is dense enough for many fine-art pens and some fountain pen ink.

Text Paper:
  • 80 pages white
  • Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council, & Sustainable Forestry Initiative certifications
  • hand-ripped to a give deckled edge

Approximately sized:
3 1/4" x  4 1/2"

*Due to variations in monitor settings, colours may vary. Pattern placement may also vary slightly from image shown.